Visions of Scottsdale Photo Challenge

Scottsdale residents are encouraged to take photos of their favorite Scottsdale spots for the visions of Scottsdale Photo Challenge Jan 18-Feb 28, 2013.Scottsdale officials value the input of the City’s residents.  After all, who knows what makes life in the Scottsdale area worthwhile more than its citizens, right?  That is why the Scottsdale City Council agreed to partner with the local non-profit Arizona Town Hall to create a Visioning Scottsdale Town Hall.  By gathering input from various sources: business people, residents, students and property holders, they wish to create a vision statement for the Scottsdale General Plan 2014.

Part of this vision statement involves creating new promotional materials to showcase reasons why people outside the Scottsdale area should visit or even set up their homes here.  The Visions of Scottsdale Photo Challenge is meant to inject some of what the locals feel are the best features of the City.  Maybe you have a favorite restaurant where the staff takes extra good care of you.  Maybe there are some rather out-of-the-way hiking spots not many people are aware of.  Perhaps there is a particular park that your family enjoys spending a Saturday afternoon at.  All you have to do is take out your trusty camera and snap some pictures capturing the areas that interest you the most.

To enter the Visions of Scottsdale Photo Challenge, all you have to do is download your favorite photos of Scottsdale to your computer and submit them online to the Capture My Arizona website here.  Entries are being accepted from January 18th through February 28th.  Two winners will be determined and given tickets to the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts for their efforts.  While there will be only two “winners”, several photos submitted may end up making it into the future promotional videos, exhibits and booklets. Every entry will be given careful consideration.

Learn more about the Scottsdale General Plan for 2014 by visiting their website here.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Kelly Corsette, Communications and Public Affairs Director for the City of Scottsdale, at (602) 312-2336.  Show off what you think is the best Scottsdale has to offer by entering the Visions of Scottsdale Photo Challenge now.


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